Learn more about the various services we provide and how we can be of help to you!

Our Services

We have briefly tried to explain all the different security and facility services we provide.


Security Guard Services

Security guards are a necessary and critical part of any establishment. They have to be present everywhere to make sure that people feel safe and secure. We provide trained and qualified security guards who can help you during emergencies and work efficiently during or get rid of any potential threats and risks.


Housekeeping Services

We all know cleanliness is equal to godliness. We provide professional housekeepers, and you can trust them. We give our professionals extensive training that helps them work in different types of environments and different places. We make sure they work hard to fulfill all the client’s needs.


Manpower Supply Services

Sometimes the whole process of hiring someone can be tedious. Especially in huge companies where there is so much work to do that conducting interviews can be difficult. In such cases, they do not even know if the candidate is efficient enough. So we train our professionals and suggest to you those people who meet your need the best. We make sure to provide the companies with people who are efficient and do the work best.


Maintainance Services

Be it a commercial establishment or resident unit, the maintenance of these places is extremely important. If any place is maintained properly, it increases the productivity of the people working and living there. We provide trained professionals who will make sure that your space is well maintained and is attractive to look at.


Our guards have the following qualities for Residential units.

We provide all our services for various residential units. We create the package based on how many services you require and how many professionals you will need under each service. It also depends on the size of the residential unit.


Our guards have the following qualities for commercial units.

We also provide services for various commercial buildings like malls, complexes, corporate buildings, company offices, etc


Our guards have the following qualities for Industrial units.

We provide services for various industrial spaces like factories, storage units, manufacturing units, etc.

Our Working Process



We first start with understanding all the needs and requirements of the clients.



We then prepare a package that suits and fulfills all the requirements of the client.



Once the proposal is accepted, we gather our team of professionals and explain to them their roles, and then they start working.



To make sure our staff is working efficiently we regularly conduct inspections. This helps us know if there is anyone who is not working with at most efficiency or an issue with the client. We also sometimes have surprise inspections.